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Fixing Liberty: What Is Going On With Our Pool?

In this video you will learn about how our pool went from being newly resurfaced in 2016 to empty collecting rainwater with black algae covering the pool walls and floor.

Fixing Liberty: What Is Going On With Our Pool? Detailed Version.

In this version I walk through the details and provide more context to what was shared in the original informative video.


Fixing Liberty: Don't Pay For Work That Is Never Done.

In this video you will hear Brian Hartigan, the Board Vice President, accidentally confessing that the board paid for work that was never done.

Fixing Liberty: Why Can't We See Our Money

Why has the board shown no interest in overseeing our Association Finances? For 6 years the board has never logged into our bank accounts to verify our money is where we are told it is. As a board member, I am being denied access to verify the money is where we are told it is. It is every board member's fiduciary responsibility to oversee our Association finances.

Fixing Liberty: Why Is Our Money Just Sitting In The Bank?

Why is the money we pay each year not being spent on the neighborhood? Watch this to find out what the board has failed to maintain, repair and replace and the tens of thousands of dollars the Association has lost in purchasing power due to inflation.

LCA Financial Red Flags Have Been Thrown

In this video you will briefly learn about financial best practices for HOA's, be provided a list of best practices Liberty HOA does not follow, and most importantly, You will see how the interest rate on our bank statements do not match what HMS promised. This is concerning because there is between $10,000 and $20,000 of interest earned that would be unaccounted for.

Detention Pond

Fixing Liberty: What Is Going On With Our Detention Pond?

Watch this video to be informed about the 2021 detention pond repairs.

Entire Discussion Concerning the Pond Unbroken and Unedited

This should clear up the board presidents rebuttal that clips were cut and pieced together.

Fixing Liberty: What Is Going On With Our Detention Pond? RECAP

A Short Recap Of My Video Including The Posts On The FB Thread

Fixing Liberty: Part 2: What Went On With Our 2018 Major Detention Pond Repair?

This video will inform the audience about the 2018 Major Detention Pond Repairs. I have concerns these repairs were never done. However, $35,000 was paid to Georgia Stormwater Services.


Fixing Liberty: What Is Going On With Phase 2 Of Our Playground?

Phase 2 was promised 8 years ago and phase 2 is still not completed. Watch this video to find out why.

Easy access to information

Hi again. It's Stephen. As promised, I want to provide access to neighborhood information in an easy way. This is my attempt to do so.

Site operation

This site is run and managed by me. All content is published by me without aid from other board members. Reach out to other board members if you want to know what they are working on and their position on certain topics, issues, and challenges.

Purpose #1

The purpose of this site is to keep you up to date on what I am working on, my positions on issues, decisions impacting home values, and answers to questions asked by neighbors.

Purpose #2

Currently, there is an absence of information related to HOA operations. This makes it very challenging for new board members to hit the ground running. In addition, the lack of information does not encourage greater participation of board candidates because no one knows what exactly they are volunteering for.


I will be more than happy to add information to the site if you are interested in knowing more about what the board is doing on subjects not covered. Please send me an email with your request to

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Please refer to our main site to view my background and agenda.